Vacuum FormingPattern MakingReel Fed Vac Forming

Graphic International Display can provide in house vacuum forming and pattern making services for all your point of purchase and display requirements. Our facilities and capabilities include:

  • 4 x Shelley semi-automatic sheet thermoformers
  • Maximum size 1220mm x 1170mm, depth of draw 400mm
  • Suitable for vacuum forming HIPs, acrylic, PVC, PETG materials up to 15mm thickness
  • 1 x fully automatic reel feed Illig RV74 thermoformer. Maximum size 700mm x 500mm
  • 2 fully automatic reel feed Illig RV53 thermoformers
  • Maximum size 500mm x 350mm
  • Suitable for vacuum forming HIPs, APET & PVC materials up to 1.27mm thickness
  • In house tool making in wood, resin and aluminium
Water Proof SocksVaccum Forming for Warehouse

For more information on how we can help and to discuss your vacuum forming requirements, please click here to get in touch.

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